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Shipping & Services

Seclay PrecisionStone™ Inlays are engineered for seamless on-site installation by our customers. Other options include factory installation or on-site installation by our own Seclay-trained installers. On site support is provided as required for installations performed by the customer.

Most importantly, by default, our products go in other products. Consequently, the sooner you contact us to inquire about the project you have in mind the better we will be able to coordinate our efforts with the manufacturer, builder, or supplier of that other product – which more often than not saves time and reduces costs. The type of product(s) involved makes a difference as how best to proceed so please do not hesitate to have us answer any questions you might have. We’re always happy to just explore the possibilities and offer a variety of options.

Seclay ships uninstalled inlays as well as inlaid products such as drawer pulls, molding and flooring. In addition we receive products and materials from our customers for factory installation. Custom displays are also available. For a perfect match with an existing or planned marble or granite installation, be sure to ask your fabricator for the remnants from your original slab.


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