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High speed precision CNC milling, cutting and fabrication service

Hardwood, Plywood, Plastics, Foam, Composites, Solid surfacing and more

Hardwood and stone

Until now – an impossible marriage, yet there is little doubt they had always been made for each other…

PrecisionStone™ marble and granite inlays

The ultimate decorative enhancement to fine hardwood fixtures and furnishings

The World’s Only Natural Stone Inlays Created Specifically for Hardwood…

…are also versatile enough to integrate beautifully with tile.

Inlay Selection

an array of single, double and triple inlay designs of various widths and combinations of stone, wood and metal

Parts, components, cabinetry, signs, templates, panels, displays, stage props… commercial, residential, and industrial applications.

We’ll cut it for you and build it too


PrecisionStone™ inlays are the ideal complement to hardwood and marble flooring borders, medallions, tiles, parcquets, and baseboard moldings which are an ideal complement to PrecisionStone™ inlaid cabinetry or casework. The design choices are limited only by one’s imagination.


PrecisionStone™ Inlays are easy to install in all types of molding. The seamless fit of our patented PrecisionStone™ Inlays is unprecedented and is the key to their exclusivity, incomparable beauty and allure.