What else do we inlay?

…What would you like us to inlay?

…Our customers answer that question for us because they’re the ones who make that decision. We thrive on putting our stone inlays in places they haven’t been before so please contact us with anything you envision and we’ll do our best to bring your creative ideas to life. Be the first to have something no one else has nor has ever seen… …and best of all – it was your idea!

The collection of fine fixtures, furnishings and venues that have been enhanced by our natural stone inlays continues to grow – and well it should. The possibilities are endless and we’ve barely scratched the surface. The images that follow show  PrecisionStone™ in some places you might not have expected it to be found.


granite slab and tile shower installation by Stephen Lynch – stone fabrication by Seclay – Belmont, CA

Although PrecisionStone™ was designed for installation in wood, the depth of our inlays match perfectly with the thickness of tile making them a fantastic addition to any tile layout. Here they are set between rows of tile and between adjacent slabs of granite in a way that conventional stone feature strips cannot – The triple inlays shown here are composed of strips of stone only 1/4 inch wide yet they are resilient enough to span the entire length of the shower walls in one piece! …Imagine the spectacular effect stone inlays could have woven between the tiles in your next installation.